Dark Sky – Planning Weather to the Minute

How many times haven’t you planned a field trip thinking the weather was going to be amazing, the sun would be shining for hours, giving you the chance to sunbath and do all sort of activities with your friends? The weather forecast assured you about that and yes indeed the sun was shining and you were all set for your trip. 30 minutes later, the clouds got darker and darker and what the heck, it started raining. Rain out of nowhere. Your trip was ruined. Tired of this yet? Well there is an iPhone app that can definitely fix the problem.

It’s called Dark Sky. It doesn’t only have a beautiful design, but it also gives you accurate information about the weather. Not long term forecasts like meteorologists predict. This app uses your GPS location to give you accurate forecast minute by minute, for the next hour, and also weekly.

Adam Grossman, the maker of this app, has no background in meteorology, although he studied physics and computer science in school, along with his co-founder Jay LaPorte, and these skills were enough in building the app successfully. Dark Sky app has an average rating of 4 stars and is listed under Apple’s “essentials” list. It also works great with the Apple Watch.

How does this work? Well, the US government makes radar data commercially available for free. Their Global Forecast System also put out the global forecasts 16 days in advance. The Dark Sky app uses these sources and with its computer algorithms it tries to make the most accurate weather predictions.

Dark Sky updates its software often. The most interesting software version is the latest. Dark Sky can now collect data from the barometers in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. A barometer measures the weight of the atmosphere around you providing you reliable data. Also, the users who download the update, can submit manual reports about the weather in their area.

Adam Grossman keeps working hard, improving even more the accuracy of the forecasts. Even though the app is not free ( you can download it for $3.99), he says he will probably lower the price down the road. With so many free weather apps out there, one can think that the high price is quite a barrier. According to Grossman though, his app has been successful since day one. Dark Sky is now available in US, UK and Puerto Rico only, but let’s hope other countries will be able to get it soon.


It is amazing how new technology improves our lives. It is even more amazing how young people take advantage of it and with their skills and knowledge try to make life easier. Who would imagine a few years ago that there would be an application and with just one click, you would be able to know when it’s going to rain and when it’s going to stop? When the sun is coming out and when the clouds are going to cover the sky? Well, what are you waiting for? Download Dark Sky and the weather will be one thing less to worry about!

Snap! Messages that Vanish Automatically

I belong to the generation that used to spend hours outside of the house, playing with friends until the lights on the streets went on. We were using our bicycles exploring different areas in the neighborhood, experimenting with different things, getting to know the world together. Taste, feel, hurt, fall and get up.

Unfortunately, nowadays, the distance between friends is getting bigger. New technology allows people to stay at home and work, play online games and even meet and talk to people behind their computer screen. The absolute real human connection belongs to the past. The so many applications available for iPhone for example, simply send the message ” look, talk but don’t touch”.

Messages that disappear

A new revolutionary application is Snapchat. What is Snapchat? It’s a photo-sharing service that deletes the pictures you sent after about 10 seconds. You make conversations by sharing pictures and videos in real time, and that’s actually kind of spontaneous, which can be good or bad. The positive thing about it is that it has access to your phone contacts and notifies you whether someone already has the app installed in their phone or not. Therefore, you can start playing with the app with people you already know and not total strangers.

Well, sort-of…

Although the pictures someone sends disappear about 10 seconds after they are viewed, you can defy that by taking a screenshot of the photo and save it that way. So simple. People prefer this app, I guess, because it looks safer than all the other apps of this kind. Photo – sharing. Pictures that travel all over the web, stolen pictures ending up in porn sites, or being digital manipulated for really bad purposes. Go figure. But do people care? Do teenagers consider the danger and consequences after they send a nude picture, thinking that there is not such a big deal, since it will be disappeared in 10 seconds anyway. There is definitely a way to save, keep and use  these pictures, no matter how safe you think this app is. Unfortunately, when people find out is already way too late. And yes, they keep repeating the same mistakes, because that’s how the world is.

But after all, does this application bring friends together? closer to each other? Mainly the new generation teens can answer this question, since these are the ones that use it the most. Having a smart phone literally stuck on their hands, they start feeling the addiction very soon in their lives. They MUST be able to communicate and be in touch with their friends according to they new trendy standards. It is fun and convenient that’s for sure.

So far, we already had in mind that taking so many selfies a day, is definitely a sign of narcissism. With Snapchat, someone can think that is totally harmless. This app is about spontaneity,security and fun! And furthermore, it’s way much better than being isolated, with no contact with other human beings whatsoever. Happy snapchatting!

“Hide” on Social Media with Cloak App

Thanks to social media today, people from all over the world are able to unite. A lot of new and different applications are provided for smartphones, having one and only purpose; to bring people together. People that live in the same neighborhood without knowing about it, to people that live in different countries, on the other side of the planet.


This has been very convenient for people that suffer of agoraphobia and the ones that hesitate to go out on dates. They need time to get to know each other first, before they meet in person, so thanks to these apps new beautiful friendships and relationships are being built that may last a lifetime. Pictures are shared, videos allow many users to multitask in real time and that’s how having fun at home being alone in a dark room, gives a new meaning to the word loneliness.

An app to avoid people…

While though there are apps that unite people, there is another that works for the opposite purpose. It helps you avoid people. It’s called Cloak and it works with Foursquare and Instagram. Since a great percentage of youngsters mainly, is totally addicted to the social media and make the best use of them, knowing where each other is, is not a secret anymore.More and more users post every day where they hang out and with who. Safety reasons? You add prestige to your image by showing to everyone the cool and trendy places you hang out at? I think it’s a little bit of both. It also works great with owners and staff that try to promote businesses by check in in there regularly. What is better than making new friends through social media and having them check in in at your business? Word of mouth is all.

Having the tool to know where the “enemy” is though, and being able to block them with just one click, is irresistible. Imagine calling in sick at work, because the day is lovely and you prefer to hang out with friends in that fancy restaurant downtown, but you worry in case your boss finds out. That wouldn’t end well. Or imagine having an abusive ex boyfriend/girlfriend that you don’t want to meet them closer than 2 miles. Now you have the chance to block these people with just one click on your phone. You know where they are and you know how to avoid them. How cool is that?

The users that downloaded Cloak are millions and that says a lot about new technology. It’s addicting. People need new, useful and smart solutions coming from every source. They rely on their smartphones for a simple and convenient life. This app wouldn’t be much useful if people weren’t addicted. The reason why? It needs addiction to check in from every single place you hang out. Make it easier for your “friends” to block you. Happy flagging!

Sleep Better with this App

For one more time I woke up in the morning feeling so tired. I thought I slept well, after all, I laid down so early that night, at 10pm, and I slept almost 11 hours. I should feel rested, but I was not. Then I remembered, that I woke up several times during the night. Thoughts were interrupting my sleep as usual.

The next day I was going through some applications for my iPhone and one of them was called “Sleep Better”. I stared at it for a minute and laughed. Maybe that’s what I actually needed. I downloaded it (for free), and decided to use it that very first night.

I placed my iPhone on the bed and let the app running. The app was supposed to react to every movement of my body, so I would be able to know how many times I woke up during the night without even realizing it. I would also be able to wake up on my own terms to my own music and control the snooze button.

That seemed interesting. The next morning I woke up to a hilarious sound I chose as an alarm clock. That made my morning mood. Amazing graphs welcomed me showing the results that kept tracking during my sleep. Obviously I spent a lot of time awake in my bed and I was in deep sleep only a couple of hours. Not good. I need more meditation. I think I’m going to enter my stress level, habits and even how much coffee I drink during the day, since the app gives me this option. I’m sure it will affect the final result; probably make it more accurate.

I will also keep a dream diary. Yep, it offers this option too. I can find out what I dream of the most and how many times I have nightmares. Hell, this app is going to improve my life. Especially knowing that I can go back to graphic history and check what time I sleep better and what time I’m half awake. Time to fix my I’m-late-for-bed habits.

On the other hand, how safe is having a phone working like crazy while running the app next to your pillow all night long? After a small research I can tell I’m terrified. Your pillow can be set on fire, small doses of electromagnetic radiation are released from the phone causing tumors and, guess what, you might start having difficulties falling asleep!  What an irony right there!

Anyway, I’m stopping myself from being so dramatic. It won’t hurt if I use it once in a while. After all, I can share my sleep sessions on Facebook or Twitter and make some nice conversations with new people who happen to test this interesting app as well.

Time to go make a cup of tea, watch a chick-flick movie and fall asleep. Wish me to “Sleep Better”!

Get up and start running with C25K app

“Exercise not only changes your body. It changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.” That’s a fact. Everybody knows that When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins, which also trigger a positive feeling in the body like morphine does. That’s the reason why, the feeling people describe after a workout is “euphoric”. Once you start working out and manage to make it a habit, you don’t stop easily. And that’s one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit for a very long time.

Nowadays, that technology rules the world, many applications are created for smartphones based on fitness and health. People literally struggle to find time to take care of themselves, due to overtime working and other reasons that the harsh world demands. Thankfully, this new technology, arrived to simplify the everyday boring or hard habits.

Technology to the rescue…

One of these new iPhone apps is called C25K which stands for: Go from Couch Potato to Running the 5K. The title itself is entertaining to start with. We all are couch potatoes until we start moving our fat bodies around.

This fun app helps the people who are mainly inactive, achieve their first big goal. To become an actual runner. How does it do that? It’s very simple. It allows you to alternate between walking and running until you build strength. Just a few minutes of walking and another few minutes running. It’s an 8 week long plan and you have to work out 3 times a week, ideally with a break in between days. Each workout lasts 30-40 minutes, with the appropriate warm out and slow walking in between. Doesn’t sound bad at all.

The most interesting part in this app is the new feature. Audio coach and music. There is actually a voice telling you when to walk or run, and this way you have the feeling that there is an actual coach watching you. In addition to that, the app is compatible with different GPS apps such as MyFitnessPal and music. You can now listen to your favorite music, sync to the beat of your heart and step. Who doesn’t need motivational music? It totally makes the effort easier and bearable.

The everyday routine needs to change drastically to something that our body and soul appreciate. With all this revolutionary technology which keeps getting improved every single day, there is no further excuse. Thankfully, another thing that helps a lot with the effort is the forums that apps like the C25K have created. People join and like a beautiful community where all fight for the same cause, support each other. Another reason that you don’t want to quit, another reason that pushes you to try harder and harder every day and boost your confidence. People sharing their stories makes you realize that they are not so different from each other after all. We all have the same needs, we all try to do the best for ourselves.


They say that ” The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”. Time to download C25K and take our first step to a healthier life style!