What are the Ways to Enhance Computer Performance?

Over time, whether you own a personal computer, MAC, or laptop, the accumulation of random junk and add-ons and whatever stuff is placed in it can affect its overall performance. To bring it back to how it was before when you first bought it, here are some effective tips to help increase the performance of your computer. The following tips are only applicable to PC and Windows-powered laptop.

Add memory

This is the fastest way to enhance the overall performance of your computer, especially if you find it tedious to delete files you deemed are no longer necessary. This memory is technically known as RAM. And it may sound like it is going to cost you a lot, but is the opposite. It will require the skills and hands of a tech-savvy person that will install the new RAM into the system. It is easier done in PCs. A laptop might be a bit tricky since you need to open up the bottom and dismantle almost the half of it just to upgrade the RAM. If you own a laptop, it is best that you give it to the professionals and let them do the installation. As with PCs, it is quite easy since you only need to open the CPU and place the RAM into its designated place. There is no other place within the CPU that is solely for the RAM to fit in.

Don’t get intimidated by all the jargon that computer shops use when they sell computer parts. All you need is good research on the best RAM to buy for your PC. You can even find guides online that will help you with your purchase. You can ask the sales at the computer store to point you to the right RAM. Most of the staff are knowledgeable about computer parts, so they will be able to give you the right RAM for your computer.

Erasing Files

Some people may find this very tedious, but it will help clear up spaces and defrag the system so as to bring back the best performance of the computer. But you don’t have to erase the files manually. There is software that is designed to delete useless and junk files for you. They are installed in the system, and it will check out on temporary files, junk files and many other files it deems no longer necessary. Activating this software will wash away your worries in regards to erasing them. The most popular free software you can use to get rid of all these junk files is CCleaner, which you can download for free online. They are very popular in getting the job done. However, avoid going overboard with this software as it is capable of more than just clearing old files.

Startup items

When you log into Windows, the operating system loads up various tasks to do what it has to do. However, this startup will start to go slow as you keep on adding up new tasks that should load in that part of the process. This is especially true if you keep on installing programs that need to be running during the OS’s startup. This is where you should take a look at the startups that are eating up your PC’s performance when it can be turned off since there is no use to it at all.

It is easy to spot a startup item that is not needed but is extra careful with suspending tasks associated with the system files.